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早朝のマチャプチャレ  Mt. Machhapuchhre at an earliest hour

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ジョムソンの悪天候を知らせる  Information of bad weather of Jomsom

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荷を返される Returning of our luggage

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ジープ車窓からのマチャプチャレ Mt. Machhapuchhre from the car window of our jeep

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ジョムソンへの街道 Highway to Jomsom

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最初に遭遇した道路工事 Road construction that they met with first

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何十台もの車が立ち往生   Dozens of cars stalled

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バスから降りて歩く人々 1 Got off the buses, and walked 1

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バスから降りて歩く人々 2 Got off the buses, and walked 2

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村の雑貨屋 General store in the village

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遅い昼食-食事中突然の雨-  Having lunch late -they had a heavy rain -

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さらなる道路工事 Road construction again

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日本の重機が活躍 Japanese heavy industrial machines

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飛行機では見られなかった山々1 The mountains which were not be able to seen by airplane 1

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飛行機では見られなかった山々2 The mountains which were not be able to seen by airplane 2

Nepal Hiking 3
My masters were going to move in a propeller plane today from Pokhara to Jomsom (the airplane flies only in the early morning when a current of air is stable). At 5:30 am, they watched Mt. Machhapuchhre, but the direction of Mt. Dhaulagiri in a cloud. The TA-199 plane, which they reserved, was standing by for about two hours. Finally the airplane did not fly. So, they should move long distance more than 160 kilometers by a jeep. The mountain path was closed to traffic for constructions in several places. So, they should wait for several hours. They did not think to drive a bad road by jeep.
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