秋晴れ (2)

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番で大空を飛んでいく。Flying in sky with a pair.

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アキアカネも秋の陽をうける  Sympetrum frequens; taking a rest in the sun.

A fine autumn day (2)
 It is a season of the love of the dragonfly in autumn. Somone takes a rest in the sun.

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秋晴れ (1)

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春の花ラナンキュラスの仲間が咲いている。二度咲きか? Ranunculus

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ルリシジミ  Celastrina argiolus ladonides

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ツマグロヒョウモン (雌)  Argyreus hyperbius hyperbius (♀)

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ツマグロヒョウモン (雄)  Argyreus hyperbius hyperbius (♂)

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キタテハ  Polygonia c-aureum

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ヒメアカタテハ  Cynthia cardui

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モンシロチョウ  Artogeia rapae crucivora

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キチョウ  Eurema hecabe hecabe

A fine autumn day (1)
 On fine autumn day, my master took the photograph of the butterflies, which gathered, in his garden. He was grieved that weather was bad recently.

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立山ロープウェイ 車窓からタンボ平 Scenery from the carryer window (Tannbo-daira)


立山ロープウェイ 車窓から黒部湖 Scenery from the carryer window (Kurobe-lake)


立山ロープウェイ 車窓からすれ違いの搬器 Carryer of cross-purposes


室堂の草紅葉と立山1 Autumn grass 1


室堂の草紅葉と立山2 Autumn grass 2

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一ノ越からの展望—富士山,槍ヶ岳,笠ヶ岳 Prospects from Ichino-koshi: Mt. Fuji, Mt. Yarigatake, Mt. Kasagatake


ミクリガ池と立山  Mikuriga-ike Pond and Tateyama mountain range


立山連峰のパノラマ Panorama of the Tateyama mountain range


雄山に月が昇る Moon rising upon Mt. Oyama

Colored leaves of Tateyama mountain range
“Is it not delightful to have a friend come from afar (cf.Saito)?”  Friends of my master’s wife visited Shinshu for viewing colored leaves again. My masters made a plan to enjoy autumn colors of Tateyama in 4 days and 3 nights from Oct.10. However, they changed a schedule for 2 days and 1 night because unfortunately a typhoon was coming close to Japan.

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北海道大雪山の紅葉 (III)  黒岳と銀泉台

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黒岳のお花畑で見つけたエゾオヤマリンドウ(白色はアルビノ) Gentiana triflora var. japonica subvar. Montana, found in a flower garden of Mt. Kurodake (white; albino)

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黒岳のお花畑で見つけたホタルブクロ(白色はアルビノ)Campanula punctata Lam.  , found in a flower garden of Mt. Kurodake (white; albino)

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黒岳のお花畑で見つけたチングルマの紅葉 Colored leaves of Geum pentapetalum

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チングルマの紅葉の上を黒岳7合目までリフトで登る Watching the colored leaves of Geum pentapetalum covered with snow under the lift

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銀泉台の紅葉1 Colored leaves of the Ginnsenndai 1

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銀泉台の紅葉2 Colored leaves of the Ginnsenndai 2

Colored leaves of the Daisetsuzan National Park in Hokkaido (III) Mt. Kurodake and Ginnsenndai

It was cloudy sky from morning. It took about two minutes by car from the hotel to the Kurodake ropeway platform. They got rice ball lunches at the front desk of the hotel at 5:30 a.m. and went to the parking lot. At 6:00 a.m., many mountaineers on the first ropeway already stood in line. It was rain at the fifth station. When they looked at the Ginnsenndai area from that station, a black cloud covered there. They judged that it would be rainy if they went in the Ginnsenndai area, so they stayed in the mountaintop station for approximately two hours. Rain stopped. They confirmed that the Ginnsenndai area became bright, so descended the mountain and got on the shuttle bus to Ginnsenndai.

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