パタゴニアを撮る 4 パイネ山群を遠望>

4-11標識1 のコピー.jpg

トレッキングコースに有った風速と安全度を示した標識  A signboard that showed the wind velocity and safe degrees

The wind in Patagonia is the same as a typhoon. He saw a signboard during trekking. It was written that the people could walk safely if the wind velocity was 0-50km/h.
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パタゴニアを撮る 4 パイネ山群を遠望>
 南緯51度. パイネ国立公園の園内にあるペオエ湖の小島に建つオステリア・ペオエに3泊4日滞在した.

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パタゴニア大地を走る(車窓より) Run through the Patagonia earth
4-2 aa.jpg
ペオエ・ホテルからパイネ山群1   View of the Paine Mountains from the “Hosteria Pehoe” 1
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ペオエ・ホテルからパイネ山群2 View of the Paine Mountains from the “Hosteria Pehoe” 2
<パイネ国立公園第2日目> < The Torres del Paine National Park of the second day>
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4:30amホテルを出発しセラーノ川を見下ろす高台からパイネ山群の朝焼けを試みる.パイネ山群は姿を現さず. They left the hotel at 4:30 a.m. and tried to take pictures of the sunrise in the Paine Mountains from the hill overlooking the “Rio Serrano” river. The Paine Mountains did not appear.
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セラーノ川からホテルに戻る途中パイネ山群に架かる虹をみる. Rainbow, on the way to the Hosteria Pehoe from Rio Serrano
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ペオエ湖と虹 Rainbow over the Lake Pehoe
<パイネ国立公園第3日目> < The Torres del Paine National Park of the third day>
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終日パイネ山群は雲の中.ビールのラベルの撮影地ウェーバー橋(Weberbridgeで The Paine Mountains were in the clouds throughout the day. Watching the Paine Mountains on the Weber Bridge
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トーレス・デル・パイネ(2850m)遠望 Distance view of the Torres del Paine(2850m)
<パイネ国立公園第4日目> < The Torres del Paine National Park of the firth day>
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パイネ山群の朝焼け Morning glow of the Paine Mountains
Patagonia trip 4  < Distance view of the Paine Mountains>  Latitude 51S. They stayed at the “Hosteria Pehoe” built in the small island in the “Lago Pehoe” for 4 days.  They went on a car from El Chaltén to 525 kilometers away Hosteria Pehoe. When they began to go down the last mountain pass, they saw the Paine Mountains and the Lake Pehoe of the turquoise blue. My master wanted to take a photograph before the Paine Mountains hid in a cloud. He walked the pier that spread out from the lakefront to the island. He saw the brightness of the lake of the turquoise blue under the foot.

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パタゴニア紀行 3 <エル・チャルテン泊 フィッツ・ロイを遠望>

追記2)フィッツ・ロイはイギリス海軍軍人のロバート・フィッツロイ(Robert Fitz Roy)に由来するが,先住民は白い煙を吐く山“エル・チャルテン”と呼んでいた.パタゴニアでは①偏西風,②地衝風(ちしょうふう;太平洋から大西洋に吹き込む強風),③局地風(チリとアルゼンチンの地形による)の3つの風が複雑に絡み合わさって強風になるという.このためフィッツ・ロイには雲が湧きやすくその全貌を現すのは稀なことから“晴天率3%”と言われる.

Fitz Roy comes from Mr. Roy of the British sailor. The indigenous people named the mountain " El Chaltén ". It means a mountain sending forth-white smoke. In Patagonia, there is three kind of wind; ① the prevailing westerlies, ② the geostrophic wind, and ③ the local wind. The strong wind blows without cease, and it hits the mountains, and thereby large quantities of clouds always occur. Therefore, it is rare that Fitz Roy is seen. So it is said to be "3% of fine weather rates in Patagonia".

追記3) 強い風が絶えず吹くパタゴニアでは撮影に困難さを感じた.フィッツ・ロイの撮影ポイントとなる展望台は風よけのために石垣で囲まれていたが,写真を撮るためには石垣よりカメラを高い位置にセットする必要がある. 主人は三脚の足を必要最小限の長さにし,ストーンバックには大きめの石を3,4個いれ,さらにシャッターはリモコンで行うなど風が撮影におよぼす影響を最小限にするために細心の注意をしながら撮影をしたが多くのショットでブレていた.

Strong wind always blew in Patagonia. There was a stone wall of the protection from the strong wind in the Fitz Roy observation deck. Using a tripod, he set his camera at the position that was higher than the stone wall. Although he paid scrupulous attention to set the camera, the camera moved slightly because of the strong Patagonia wind. He thought that it was the very difficult condition to take a photograph without the blurring in Patagonia.

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パタゴニア紀行 3 <エル・チャルテン泊 フィッツ・ロイを遠望>

エル・チャルテン1日目 夕方 Evening of the first day:

雲の動きは激しく全容が見られたのは極短時間であった(右:フィッツ・ロイ, 3405m. 左:ポインセ・ノット, 3002m) The movement of the cloud was intense, so that it was a very short time that the whole aspect of Fit Roy was seen. (right: Fit Roy, 3405m. left: Poincenot, 3002m.)

エル・チャルテン2日目 夕方 Evening of the second day.

展望台から見た褶曲山脈 Color of the folded-mountain range


右:フィッツ・ロイ, 3405m. 左:ポインセ・ノット, 3002m (right: Fit Roy, 3405m. left: Poincenot, 3002m.


夕方エル・チャルテンの町明かりとフィッツ・ロイ Evening of the second day. Town light and Fitz Roy

エル・チャルテン3日目 Morning of the third day.


朝焼け  フィッツ・ロイ峰(右) とセロ・トーレ峰(左) Morning glow of the mountains

 They stayed in El Chaltén for three days and tried taking picture of Fit Roy from several places. The local guide said, “It is very lucky for you and it is unusual to see Fit Roy three times during the 3-day stays in El Chaltén”. Their tour conductor also said that Fitz Roy was never seen during 3-day stays on the tour of the last year.
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パタゴニア紀行 2 <成田からエル・チャルテンへ>

追記1) 風の大地パタゴニア,世界で最も美しい大地パタゴニア,地の果てパタゴニア…と今までに見聞きした言葉が主人の中に浮かんできた.各社のパンフレットを取り寄せ写真撮影がゆっくり出来そうな“パタゴニアを撮る”(西遊旅行)を選んだ.パタゴニアに関する本を読みインターネットの情報を漁った主人は,パタゴニアがマウントクック(ニュージーランド)の晴天率30%より遙かに少ない“晴天率3%”と知ってさすがに南極に近いと天候は悪いのかなと思った.フィッツロイ(別名チャルテン)やパイネ山群を見ることは難しいだろうが夏の花は見られるだろうと思った.

Postscript 1)
Patagonia! The windy round, the most beautiful ground in the world, the end of the earth ... Patagonia put in his mind so many words and imaginations. He read a lot of books about Patagonia. And he knew that the fine weather rate of Patagonia was only 3%. So my master thought that it would be hard to take good photos of Fitz Roy and Paine Mountains. If so, he thought that the summer flower would be seen. If summer flowers were seen, he thought that it would be a delightful trip for them.

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パタゴニア紀行 2 <成田からエル・チャルテンへ>
 成田からドバイ経由でブエノスアイレスへのフライト時間は約33時間,乗換えの時間・荷物のピックアップさらに待ち時間を入れると成田からブエノスアイレスのホテルまでの総時間は38時間であった.真夜中にホテルに着き,4時間ほど身体を休めた後,早朝の便でブエノスアイレスからパタゴニアの玄関口エル・カラファテ(El Calafate)へ飛んだ.所要時間は約3時間.ジェット機はターコイズブルー(turquoise blue)のアルヘンティーナ湖へ着陸するように降り立った.その後専用車で240km走ってエル・チャルテン(El Chaltén)に到着した.


機内からのターコイズブルーのアルヘンティーナ湖 Seeing the Lake Lago Argentino of the turquoise blue from the plane

ブログ2-2 のコピー.jpg

エル・カラファテ空港からのアルヘンティーナ湖 Seeing the Lake Lago Argentino of the turquoise blue from the El Calafate airport.

ブログ2-3 A.jpg

レアよりウェルダンの方が柔らかいステーキ(カラファテのレストラン) A steak cooked well done is softer than a stake cooked rare (at the Restaurant of El Calafate).


カラファテの実 ホテル・ラ・レオナにて Calafate berry(at the Hotel La Leona)


強風により木々は一方向に傾いている ホテル・ラ・レオナにて Trees decline to one direction by a strong wind(at the Hotel La Leona)

ブログ2-6 a.jpg

乾燥パンパを行くガウチョの集団を見る(車窓より)Seeing the group of gauchos in the Dry Pampas(from the car window)

Patagonia trip 2   It took about 38 hours from Narita airport to the hotel in Buenos Aires. After arriving at the hotel and having rested for approximately four hours, they flew by an early-morning flight from Buenos Aires to El Calafate in Patagonia. The flight time was about three hours. Thereafter, they went from El Calafate to 240km away El Chaltén on a car.
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パタゴニア紀行 1 (2020/01/14~1/25)

パタゴニア地図A  2.jpg

パタゴニアは南アメリカ南端に位置する Patagonia is located at the south end of South America.

パタゴニア地図1 a 2.jpg

南パタゴニア South Patagonia

Patagonia trip 1  (2020/01/14~1/25)
Suddenly, my master decided to travel in “Patagonia”. However, it was not sure for him the reason why he wanted to go there.
Patagonia is located on the opposite side of the earth from Japan. So it took approximately 40 hours in an air route from Tokyo to Patagonia. In Patagonia, they moved total distance about 1,790km by car.

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