東京オリンピック2020  聖火2

 この一週間気温の変化が大きい。また北風と思うと南風が吹く。アテネからの聖火特別輸送機「TOKYO 2020号」は3月20日午前9時36分強風の中、宮城県の航空自衛隊松島基地へ到着した。


一週間の温度変化   Changes of the temperature of this one-week

DSC_0375 のコピー 2.jpg

モンシロチョウ    A cabbage butterfly

The Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.   <Olympic Flame 2>

A change in this one-week temperature of this one-week is intense big. The direction of the wind changed remarkably from northward to southward, and from the southward to northward. The Olympic Flame carrier "TOKYO 2020 " from Athens has arrived at Matsushima base of Japan Air Self-Defense Force in a strong wind at 9:36 a.m. on March 20.
The cabbage butterfly that emerged held still avoiding strong wind.

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東京オリンピック2020  <聖火1>

2020年3月20日. 新型コロナウィルスの感染拡大により、世界各国では渡航禁止令が発令されるなかギリシャから聖火が届いた. 主人は庭に咲く花を撮りながら新型コロナウィルスの終息を願った.(3月20日午後7時現在.世界で10031人死亡, 感染者数は約160の国・地域に広がり計24万人を超えた.)


聖火リレーの記念切手  Commemorative stamp of the Olympic torch relay


聖火到着のニュース記事(朝日新聞)A news of the arrival of the Olympic Flame (Asahi Shinnbunn)

聖火 のコピー 2.jpg

我が庭の聖火に似た花 Flowers similar to the Olympic Flame in the garden






我が庭の聖火応援団   Cheering party in he garden

The Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. March 20,2020. The Olympic Flame arrived from Greece. Now, the COVID-19 virus spreads all over the world and a travel ban is announced in the most of countries. My masters pray for the end of the new coronavirus diseases, while taking the flowers that bloom in their garden.
Postscript) Gene analysis result of the new coronavirus. The source is "Nextstrain".

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パタゴニアを撮る 9 カラファテと新型コロナ肺炎
主人がブログを書いている間も新型コロナ肺炎は日本国内も世界でも広がりを見せている。3月11日WHOは「パンデミック」と宣言した。WHOは3月12日の時点で感染は114の国と地域に広がり、感染者は11万8381人、死者は4292人と発表した。日本人は35の国と地域から入国制限(禁止),76の国と地域から入国後の行動制限措置をかけられている(3月13日). アルゼンチンとチリも入国後の行動制限措置がかけられている。とても短期の旅行では行くことは出来ない。

910px-COVID-19_Outbreak_World_Map.svg のコピー.png

COVID-19の広がり Expanse of COVID-19

パイ のコピーa のコピー.jpg

カラファテパイのパッケージ   Package of the calafate-pie

Patagonia trip 9   <El Calafate & COVID-19>

While my master is writing his blog, the infected person and the dead people due to COVID-19 increase all over the world. WHO declared that COVID-19 was in a pandemic condition on March 11. WHO reported that the infection spread through 114 countries and areas and 118,381 were infected and 4,292 people were dead on March 12. The Japanese is receiving immigration restrictions from 35 countries and areas and movement restrictions from 76 countries and areas on March 13. So, it is impossible to go to Argentina and Chile like this trip in the short-term schedule.
The people of Patagonia believe “The El Calafate myths”: People who eat the fruit of calafate return to here (Patagonia) by all means. Looking at the box of the cookie pie of calafate and remembering the taste of the fruit of calafate, my master wishes COVID-19 is stamped out early. He also wishes for being able to go once again in Patagonia.

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パタゴニアを撮る 8 丸善に行く

成因 のコピー 2.jpg

パタゴニアの地形① パイネ山群の成り立ち パイネ山群の成り立ちはグレイ湖のにあったパネルによると次のようであった.   1. かつてここは,火成岩(黒色)と堆積岩(緑色)で覆われていた.   2. 約1,300万年前に堆積岩の間にマグマ(赤色)が貫入した.   3. 貫入したマグマはゆっくり冷えて花崗岩になった。そのとき周囲の堆積岩を熱して浸蝕に弱い変成岩に変えた。その後幾度かの氷河期に氷河で変成岩が浸蝕されて、現在の形になった。 My master saw an explanation board and knew the formation process of the Paine Mountains. 1. The Paine area was covered with igneous rocks (black color) and sedimentary rocks (green color). 2. Magma (red color) penetrated between sedimentary rocks about 13 million years ago. 3. The magma got cold slowly and became the granite. During this process, the sedimentary rocks became the metamorphic rocks. The glacier eroded the metamorphic rocks.

8-2a のコピー.jpg

モンブランの氷河  Glacier of the Mont Blanc

8-2 のコピー.jpg

パタゴニアの氷河   Glacial topography of Patagon

パタゴニアの地形② 氷河地形 glacial topography 日本アルプス,ヨーロッパアルプス,ヒマラヤで見る氷河地形はU字谷(U-shaped valley)であるがパタゴニアでは平原のように広がっている. Geographical features of Patagonia ② < Glacial topography> The glacier topography is a U-shaped valley in the Japan Alps, the Europe Alps and the Himalayas. In Patagonia, it seems like a plain field.

Patagonia trip 8   <Maruzen Bookstore>

My masters were tired from this trip. So they needed about 2 weeks before they came to be able to do normal work after returning home. They boarded jets for one-way about 40 hours. Their movement distance by car in Patagonia was about 1, 790km. They passed eight times of security check and he asked a quarantine officer to perform the “hand inspection” for camera-films each time. He asked eight times, but once was declined.
The sunrise of Patagonia was around 5:30 a.m., and the sunset was around 22:00 p.m. The sleeping hours at night were about three hours for taking photos of morning glow and the sunset day after day. They moved by car from place to place for taking photos, so they were not able to take a rest in the daytime.
He went to Patagonia and knew that the topography of both Japan Alps and the European Alpine were different with the topography of Patagonia. He wanted to study "earth science”, so he went to the Maruzen Bookstore and purchased two books used for the university entrance examination.

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パタゴニアを撮る 7 出会った動物
 パタゴニアは動物の宝庫であると言われ,中には絶滅危惧種もいると言う. 主人はほとんど動物の写真は撮らないが今回ツアーの参加者の中に野生動物の写真を撮るために世界中を駆け巡っているアマチュア写真家の方のシャッター音に触発された様だ.

7-1 のコピー.jpg

ハイイロギツネ Zorro gais (Lycalopex griseus)

7-2a のコピー.jpg

グアナコ  Guanaco (Lama guanicoe)

7-3a のコピー.jpg

グアナコの白骨(ガイドはピューマに襲われ,その後コンドルに食べられたと説明した) Bone of the guanaco (The guide said that a guanaco was attacked by a puma and then it was eaten by a condor.)

7-4a のコピー.jpg

ウエムル鹿(絶滅危惧種. 現地ガイドは20年間ガイドをしていて2度目の遭遇と言った.  ウエムル鹿は臆病な性格から人気のある所にはなかなか姿を現さないので、フィッツロイの山麓を歩く人のほとんどが目にすることはない。パタゴニアの人々にとって“森の妖精”のような存在という). Huemul (Hippocamelus bisulcus). The local guide said, “The people of Patagonia calls this deer "The fairy of the forest" and I am working as guide for 20 years and this is the second time to watch the huemul.”

7-5a のコピー.jpg

アルマジロ Armadillo (Zaedyus pichiy)

7-6a のコピー.jpg

ダーウィンレア(アルゼンチンではチョイケと呼ばれる. 絶滅の危機にある).

Darwin's rhea (Rhea pennata. An endangered species)

7-7a のコピー.jpg

カオグロトキ   Black-faced lbis (Bandurria austral)

7-8a のコピー.jpg

チリーフラミンゴ   Chilean flamingo (Flamenco austral)

7-9a のコピー.jpg

クロエリハクチョウ  Black-necked swan (Cisine Cuello negro)

7-10a のコピー.jpg

マゼランガン    Upland goose (Cauquen comun)

7-11b のコピー.jpg

カンムリカラカラ    Southern crested-caracara (Carancho)

Patagonia trip 7   It is said that there are various kinds of animals in Patagonia. In these animals, some animals are appointed to endangered species. In his tour group, there was an amateur photographer who ran through the world to take the photos of the wild animal. This photographer took photos of animals eagerly. Usually my master does not take the photos of animals, however, he was stimulated by the shutter sound and took photos of the animal eagerly.
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パタゴニアを撮る 6 <花>
 パタゴニアは世界で最も美しい大地と言われている. 我猫ジローの主人の奥さんは花が好きである.パタゴニアの草原では花を見つけては写真を撮っていた. 我猫ジローの主人は奥さんがまとめたパタゴニアの花をブログにアップするという.

花-1 ブログ のコピー.jpg

花2aブログ のコピー 2.jpg

花3ブログ のコピー.jpg

花4ブログ のコピー.jpg

花5ブログ のコピー 2.jpg

Patagonia trip 6   Patagonia is said to be the most beautiful grand in the world. My master’s wife likes flowers. When she found flowers at the grassy plain of Patagonia, she took photos. My master will upload flowers of Patagonia taken by his wife in his blog.
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パタゴニアを撮る 5-2 <ペリト・モレノ氷河 2>

氷河4 のコピー.jpg

クルーズ船から氷河を見る The glacier from Cruise ship

氷河5 のコピー.jpg

数日前に崩落し漂う氷河 The glacier which collapse several days ago and floated.

Patagonia trip 5-2   The Perito Moreno Glacier is a world-famous sightseeing spot. People can go to near the Perito Moreno Glacier by Cruise ship. Masters stayed in El Calafate for one night and boarded the first Cruise ship.
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パタゴニアを撮る 5-1 <ペリト・モレノ氷河 1>
 パイネ国立公園を後にして陸路でチリとアルゼンチンの国境を超えてロス・グラシアレス国立公園(Parque Nacional Los Glaciares)に移動した。国立公園内にあるペリト・モレノ氷河展望台からペリト・モレノ氷河を展望した.

氷河1 のコピー.jpg

上の展望台から見るペリト・モレノ氷河 View of the Perito Moreno Glacier from the Upper Observation deck

氷河2 のコピー.jpg

中間点の展望台から見るペリト・モレノ氷河 View of the Perito Moreno Glacier from the middle Observation deck

氷河3 のコピー.jpg

カメラをセットして2時間後に氷河の崩落を見る  The collapse of the glacier

Patagonia trip 5-1   They left the Torres del Paine National Park and moved to the Los Glaciares National Park (Parque Nacional Los Glaciares) by the car from Chile to Argentina. They saw the Perito Moreno Glaciar from the observation deck in the national park. Wet air from the Pacific hits the Andes throughout the year, and it thereby snows throughout the year in the Andes. This snow grows up to the glacier. These glacier cycles continue for 10,000 years, therefore the Perito Moreno Glacier is said to be the glacier that is growing up now. The front of the glacier usually becomes the grayish brown because the sand of the moraine zone is mixed, but the front of the Perito Moreno Glacier is blue.
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