緊急事態宣言解除 ステイ家からステイ信州3 



鏡池に映る戸隠連峰 Togakushi mountain range to be reflected in the Kagamiike-pond


湖畔にミツガシワを見つけた Mitsugashiwa (Menyanthes trifoliate) in the shore

Lifted the state of emergency. The stay-Shinsu stage III.

Reading a newspaper, my master grieved over having died more than 500, 000 people in the world. Today is the last day of June. He sat down before his computer to upload the photographs, which he saved from the end of May.

He wanted to take photographs of the scenery of mountains and a lake at the fresh green season. So he went to the Togakushi mountain range with his wife. They saw only several cars during a drive to Togakushi.

追記—本日の新型コロナウイルス感染者数と死亡者数 Today’s data of New coronavirus (COVID-19)

コロナa .jpg

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緊急事態宣言解除 ステイ家からステイ信州 II


ニセアカシアの花 Flowers of Robinia pseudoacacia

天ぷら2-ブドウ a.jpg

自宅庭のブドウの若葉 The young leaves of grapes in the garden

天ぷら3 a.jpg

天ぷら  Tempura using young leaves of grapes and flowers of Robinia pseudoacacia

Lifted the emergency declaration. The stay-Shinsu II.
Usually, my masters simmer mackerel and bamboo shoot in miso soup and fly the young leaves of the wild grape and flowers of Robinia pseudoacacia at this time. They are not able to get both the bamboo shoot and the young leaves of the wild grape in mountains this year. So they use the young leaves of grapes in the garden for tempura.
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緊急事態宣言解除 ステイ家からステイ信州 I
 昼間も開花しているヒルザキツキミソウ(Oenothera speciosa)は北米産の帰化植物で日本では野生化している。ツキミソウは庭の片隅でひっそりと咲くが、ヒルザキツキミソウは我が物顔にはびこっている。

ツキミソウ1 a.jpg

ツキミソウ咲き始め 18:00 pm  Beginning of bloom at 18:00pm.

ツキミソウ2 a.jpg

ツキミソウ咲く 18:32pm    Bloomed at 18:32pm

ツキミソウ3 a.jpg

ツキミソウ咲き終える翌朝9:51am Withered away. The next morning at 9:15am


ヒルザキツキミソウ (Oenothera speciosa)

Lifted the emergency declaration. The stay-Shinsu stage I.

<Evening Primrose (Oenothera tetraptera)>
The evening primrose is originally from Mexico. They were imported in the Edo era. My master saw three evening primrose flowers blooming this evening. The evening primrose has begun to bloom almost 3 weeks earlier than usual year. First one of them bloomed on May 14 when emergency declarations have been lifted in part of Japan. Afterwards, he finds one to three blooms every evening. Oenothera speciosa, a strong flower like a weed in Japan, is a denizen from North America.

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